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Learn more about the difference videography options I offer. We can work together to capture events, subjects or media you need.

Profile Video

A profile video is a great option to show off a business, person or organization. It give you a space to talk about something while showing it too.

Event Highlight Video

Do you have an event coming up? A great way to promote and document it is to get an event video done. Cover what happened during the event and how it was in a captivating and memorable way.


The performance videos offer a great way to document and remember different events that have happened. Anything from music performances, concerts, dances performances, and many others.

My Life Documented

An important part of working in a creative industry is finding personal creative projects that brings you joy. Something I love doing is documenting my life through videos. I record, edit, and post YouTube videos showing all the fun and adventurous things I do with my friends! It is my creative outlet and I love making them!

You can watch this video and many more on my YouTube channel.

Follow my Adventures